“No Guns” Music Video

About the song

To love is… to say no to war, in the various forms it takes in our globe. The first single from “Liwoningo”, is a composition of mine in partnership with the Mozambican Cheny Wa Gune and Mbye Ebrima from Gambia. Recorded by the producer of “Mati”, the dutchman Jori Collignon, with the production of the brazilian Kastrup, this is a universal theme that touches us all in a clear cry of “no guns”.

The armament, the laws, the super powers and the responsibility that the heads of state, governors and that each one of us entails in not being silent in a world that seeks peace and light.

In my home country, they never grow to maturity,
It’s such a beautiful place,
There’s too little love
Help us, God
We ask for Peace.


Music video Directed and Produced by Casota Collective
Starring Gerson Sanca

Song Credits:
Music composed by: Selma Uamusse, Mbye Ebrima, Cheny Wa Gune
Selma Uamusse and Cheny Wa Gune – Vocals
Kastrup – Drums e background vocals
Mbye Ebrima – Kora
Milton Gulli – Guitar
Gonçalo Santuns – Rhodes and Synth
Augusto Macedo – Bass
Nataniel Melo – Sabar Tcholl, Sabar Mbang and Tama
João Salgueirinho – broken glass
Music Produced by : Kastrup ( Estúdio Toca do Tatu, SP, Brazil )
Recorded by : Jori Collignon ( Le Garage, Palmela )
Vocals recorded by : Hugo Santos ( Estúdio Nascer do Som, Lisbon)
Mixed by : Gustavo Lenza ( Estúdio La Nave , SP, Brazil)
Mastered by : Felipe Tichauer ( Estúdio Redtraxx , Miami, USA)
Executive Producer: Ao Sul do Mundo ( Lisbon, Portugal)

Video Credits:
Director of Photography: Telmo Soares
Camera assistant: Rui Gaspar
Producers: Miguel Ferraz and Pedro Marques
Editing & Post-Production: Telmo Soares

Special Thanks to: Mariana Lois
Ⓟ & Ⓒ 2020 – Ao Sul do Mundo