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“Pote de Cores” – Caramelows + Selma Uamusse


Música: Caramelows e Selma Uamusse
Letra : Selma Uamusse, Luanda Cozetti e Renata Éssis

Criação do video: Studio Lagolagoa
Animações: Raissa Laban e Laura do Lago

Dré Guines – Guitarra
Eder Araújo – Sax Tenor e Barítono
Fernando TRZ – Piano Wurlitzer e Clavinet
Marja Lenski – Percussões
Pericles Zuanon – Bateria
Rafael Barone – Baixo
Renata Éssis – Vocais
Rinaldo Santos – Trompete e Flugelhorn
Selma Uamusse – Vocais
William Zaharanszki – Guitarra

Gravação de base no estúdio seo Peri em Araraquara- SP no dia 12 de dezembro de 2019
Gravação das vozes da Selma no estúdio Nascer do Som, em Lisboa-PT
Gravação de sopros no estúdio Hyperbrass

Produção musical: Rafael Barone
Coprodução musical: Dré Guines, Eder Araújo, Fernando TRZ, Marja Lenski, Pericles Zuanon, Renata Éssis, William Zaharanszki
Arranjo de sopros : Eder Araujo
Engenharia de som: Dré Guines
Mixagem: Rafaela Prestes
Masterização: Igor Ferreira

Arte Gráfica: Laura do Lago Basile

Produção Executiva: Lets Gig



In a world where war is a constant reality and filled with social, cultural and economic division. A world with borders reminding us that we’re ilegal, with hashtags that fill our social media but don’t change how we treat our neighbor. A world that runs from religion but seeks spirituality. A world soaked with information that provides only limited knowledge to some. A world where the privileged don’t care about problems that are not their own unless they’re personally affected. A world where many demand more love but don’t give without getting something in return. A world that doesn’t lack love, but lacks people that love however they are able to.

In a world like this, how can we believe in a God that is Light and be light in our daily life? This is my challenge: That we dare look, respect, honor, forgive, listen, love, touch, sit down, give, stop and give again. It’s a call to believe, but not only that. It’s a call to Be!

Few people know that my name is Lúcia, which means “the luminous one” or “the one born with the morning”. Near the time I was about to be born, my grandmother Ana had a dream or a vision of an angel, who announced that I was about to be born and that I would be, like Lúcia, her mother, someone who would sing to the nations and to God, bringing Light to the world. To my mother, it seemed important that I should have a first name of my own (Selma) but that I did not forget the inheritance of the angel’s announcement. So, she decided together with my father to call me Selma Lúcia. It’s not the best of matches, I know, but looking at where I am today, I understand how this symbolic dream is part of me and was a prophesy of what would be my mission and vision in life and in music.

I understood a long time ago that someday I would record an album called Light, or Lux, that would bring out my need to be Salt and Light in the brief time we have here on Earth. Having been strongly influenced by the chope culture, I dropped the changana word Livaningo and embraced the chope term: Liwoningo.

Produced by Guilherme Kastrup, who won a Latin Grammy Award for the album “A Mulher do Fim do Mundo”. Recorded partially in Palmela with Jori Collignon, who also recorded my previous album “Mati”, and my long-time collaborators Augusto Macedo, Gonçalo Santuns and Nataniel Melo, we also welcomed the mozambican Milton Gulli, with his characteristic guitar playing, to the band. Brazil is also everywhere in this album, thanks not only to our producer, but also to the many musicians that added their talent, including a collaboration with Bixiga.

The Life-Light blazed out of the darkness; the darkness couldn’t put it out.

John 1:5

“Hoyo Hoyo” Music Video

About the song

Martin Luther King said that: “If we have not yet found a reason why it is worth dying, we have not yet found our reason for living”. A purposeful life in which we know why and with what intention we spend the time we spend our little existence on earth is a more complete and fulfilling life. This is the story of a man who, since he was born, knows that despite the difficulties of life he is loved, and that Love is what drives him and leads him to be a person without bitterness, happy with his life and catalyst of joy in others. Someone who knows that he will fight the good fight and that when he has finished his career he will have kept his faith, his hope and his light.

“Hoyo Hoyo”, which means welcome, is an invitation to a life with purpose, a life that does not look at circumstances but looks outside the self-centered box of our perspective, seeking solutions instead of focusing on problems, finding in the love for others, your reason for living. It has rock, it has soul, it has gospel, it has fun, the candor of children’s voices (my daughters) and it ends in a cathartic way with words that are almost “prophetic”.


Music video Directed and Produced by Casota Collective
Starring : Aline Neves, Samuel Cruz, Selma Uamusse

Song Credits:
Music composed by: Selma Uamusse, Gonçalo Santuns
Selma Uamusse – Vocals
Kastrup – MPC, vocals
Chen Wa Gune – timbila, vocals
Milton Gulli – Guitar, vocals
Gonçalo Santuns – Drum, vocals
Augusto Macedo – Bass, synth bass, rhodes, vocals
Nataniel Melo – Sabar Tcholl, Sabar Nder and Tama
Alice e Emma Uamusse Van Nespen – vocals

Music Produced by: Kastrup (Estúdio Toca do Tatu, SP, Brazil)
Recorded by: Jori Collignon (Le Garage, Palmela)
Vocals recorded by: Hugo Santos (Estúdio Nascer do Som, Lisbon)
Mixed by: Gustavo Lenza (Estúdio La Nave, SP, Brazil)
Mastered by: Felipe Tichauer (Estúdio Redtraxx, Miami, USA)
Executive Producer: Ao Sul do Mundo (Lisbon, Portugal)

Video Credits:
Director & DOP: Telmo Soares
Camera 1: Telmo Soares
Camera 2: Tiago Gomes
Producers: Miguel Ferraz and Pedro Marques
Editing & Post-Production: Telmo Soares
Production Assistant: Patrício Azevedo
Hair & Makeup artist: Rafaela Fonseca
Wardrobe: Samissone & Édecostume

Special thanks to: Tia Olga Santos, Samissone
℗ & C 2020 – Ao Sul do Mundo


“No Guns” Music Video

About the song

To love is… to say no to war, in the various forms it takes in our globe. The first single from “Liwoningo”, is a composition of mine in partnership with the Mozambican Cheny Wa Gune and Mbye Ebrima from Gambia. Recorded by the producer of “Mati”, the dutchman Jori Collignon, with the production of the brazilian Kastrup, this is a universal theme that touches us all in a clear cry of “no guns”.

The armament, the laws, the super powers and the responsibility that the heads of state, governors and that each one of us entails in not being silent in a world that seeks peace and light.

In my home country, they never grow to maturity,
It’s such a beautiful place,
There’s too little love
Help us, God
We ask for Peace.


Music video Directed and Produced by Casota Collective
Starring Gerson Sanca

Song Credits:
Music composed by: Selma Uamusse, Mbye Ebrima, Cheny Wa Gune
Selma Uamusse and Cheny Wa Gune – Vocals
Kastrup – Drums e background vocals
Mbye Ebrima – Kora
Milton Gulli – Guitar
Gonçalo Santuns – Rhodes and Synth
Augusto Macedo – Bass
Nataniel Melo – Sabar Tcholl, Sabar Mbang and Tama
João Salgueirinho – broken glass
Music Produced by : Kastrup ( Estúdio Toca do Tatu, SP, Brazil )
Recorded by : Jori Collignon ( Le Garage, Palmela )
Vocals recorded by : Hugo Santos ( Estúdio Nascer do Som, Lisbon)
Mixed by : Gustavo Lenza ( Estúdio La Nave , SP, Brazil)
Mastered by : Felipe Tichauer ( Estúdio Redtraxx , Miami, USA)
Executive Producer: Ao Sul do Mundo ( Lisbon, Portugal)

Video Credits:
Director of Photography: Telmo Soares
Camera assistant: Rui Gaspar
Producers: Miguel Ferraz and Pedro Marques
Editing & Post-Production: Telmo Soares

Special Thanks to: Mariana Lois
Ⓟ & Ⓒ 2020 – Ao Sul do Mundo